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DE PLAYER, in collaboration with Café OTO, presents:

BRAUBLFF #9 (Materie und Laut)



– Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::) (RU)
– Mia Zabelka (AT)
– De Tapijttegels (NL)


■ DMITRY MOROZOV (::vtol::) (RU)


We participated in the JUJU radio tape project initiated by RIB, Rotterdam and BRUD, Warsawa. For that we made an archival piece entitled NOT YET (all the artists we had so far). Our whole list of artists in 4 parts, 2 forward, 2 backward.

Together with the students of The Piet Zwart Institute Experimental Publishing course, we have been researching new interfaces within the field of publishing. Over the course of one trimester, each of the students worked on their own sound module and tweaked it into their own conceptual project. No restrictions on INPUT. No restrictions on OUTPUT.

from 'The Balcony Of Europe' we wish you all the best for 2020!!!

No specific program yet but that will come very soon!!!!

DE PLAYER and Experimental Publishing XPUB - Piet Zwart Institute present:
A night about new interfaces for sound and performance arts


We participate in the final event for the JUJU radio tape project initiated by RIB, Rotterdam and BRUD, Warsawa. For that we made an archival piece entitled NOT YET (all the artists we had so far). It will soon be available in our webshop.

A full-full package release of this digi high five digi-duo from Portland for our )HRHED(-project on new interfaces.

We serve you a 12" vinyl and a 72 page book in a slipcase plus a t-shirt.
Its a thick insight view in their detailed interdisciplinairy workflow.

MSHR is the art collective of Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. The duo collaboratively builds and explores systems composed of sound, light, sculpture, software and circuitry.

Again we will be part of this event at Paradiso. Check out special issues by a good bunch of extraodinary publishers. We will possibly do also a preview of our upcoming Tetra Gamma Circulaire #4 INPUT?OUTPUT/ which is currently being developed and produced i.c.w. the XPUB Master of Piet Zwart Institute. Plus much more.... 

DE PLAYER presents
Interfacing Inaudible Phenomena (workshops)
In collaboration with Spatial Media Laboratories (SML) and XPUB - Piet Zwart Institute

→ 29 November - Field trip with workshops and demos by:

DE PLAYER presents:
Interfacing Inaudible Phenomena
In collaboration with STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound (Leuven), Spatial Media Laboratories (SML) and The Piet Zwart Institute

→ 28 November - A live event with:

Karl Holmqvist (born 1964), is a Swedish artist known for his text based works, poetry and readings.


#PLZ, RESCHYKLI$CCH... (15.13)

With our team, the board and our volunteers we are heading for a day outside in the forest enjoying soundinstallations, drinks, lunch, concerts.

Katalin Ladik (HU)

DE PLAYER, in collaboration with KRAAK, presents:

BRAUBLFF #8 (Materie und Laut)


→ Thu October 31, 2019 - DE PLAYER (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

BJ Nilsen is a composer and sound artist based in Amsterdam. His work primarily focuses on the sounds of nature and how they affect humans. Recent work has explored the urban acoustic realm and industrial geography in the Arctic region of Norway and Russia. His original scores and soundtracks have featured in theatre, dance performances, and film.

A geological field project by BJ Nilsen.His work primarily focuses on the sounds of nature and how they affect humans. Recent work has explored the urban acoustic realm and industrial geography in the Arctic region of Norway and Russia.

JOHN DUNCAN has operated for decades at the cutting edge of performance, video, experimental music, installation, pirate radio and television. He has played a pivotal role in the development of performance art in Los Angeles, of experimental music as a member of LAFMS, of Japanese noise and pirate radio in Tokyo.

Black Moon is composed from shortwave radio signals, recorded via the online receiver website at the Technical University of Enschede.  Each signal was chosen for the resonance it evokes in the listener, later interwoven with others from the same source recorded over several days, all selected for qualities that are outside of predictable controllable parameters to create a...

CLHVN 20 Years - Stromboli festivity at 2 different locations: DE PLAYER & WORM (UBIK) 

DE PLAYER will be present at the Multiple Art Days in Paris.

MAD (Multiple Art Days) will present, over a 3-day period, a wide spectrum of contemporary styles, from zines to rare objects: prints, multiples, artists’ books, videos, audio CDs, vinyls…

A world premiere of Michael Morley's experimental sound performance: Music For The Never Quartet

Here comes Calatogue #4 of all releases we made sofar. This CD consists of the reading of our Catalogue#3 which is printed in Englsh and Chinese. The CD has all DOB items read out in Chinese. It was presented in Los Angeles for our participation in the exhibition CO?LAB at the TAM Museum in Torrence. Now available as easy listening.

Positieve Berichtgeving (Positive News) the 12" vinyl record by Fluwelen Koord from Antwerp contains 10 beautiful pieces (Luxepoesjes, Dikke Eet Chinees, Kots en Blikken Van Misprijzen a.o). All covers are handmade artworks. During the grand opening/signing session and the following 4 days of the exhibition at Pinkie Bowtie Antwerp, the records were sold out.

Pushing Scores - Publication launch and performance evening. 

We climbed some mountains, crossed some rivers went up the sky and descended some staircases and now it's time to yell and do a collective celebration of the birth of Positieve Berichtgeving (Positive News) the 12" vinyl record by Fluwelen Koord from Antwerp. WE will do the launch at Pinkie Bowtie Antwerp with a 5 days happening.

Important. This event will not be at our location Hillelaan but:ISKENDER – Doklaan 10-14, 3087 CB Rotterdam (Oud-Charlois)

pre-sale is closed



For this more installational performative happening we work together with the Joey Ramone gallery in Rotterdam.

While local governments and cultural managers are desperately looking for diversity, it is here live on stage and reflected in the audience. A program that highlights different angles of different matters. This is where synth pioneering, art-house, post-punk and multi instrumentalization merge into an evening of unexpected collisions. Everyone is invited for the jam.

DE PLAYER will be in the groupshow CO/LAB 4 – Los Angeles and Rotterdam at the Torrence Art Museum in Los Angeles from March 30 til May 18 2019.

Apologies in Advance is a cooperation between DE PLAYER, Tom White (who initiated this series) and South London Gallery. The idea is to bring arists on stage with a work in progress. So nothing has chrystalised yet. The event is a timeframe of a proces as well as a testcase of concepts. There's your bets please. Rien ne vas plus.

In KIOSK which is part of KASK, Ghent, we will present i.c.w. KRAAK en Groepsdruk (Gerard Herman) a night which focusses on acoustics and space. KIOSK is a room with a very specific reverb/echo in it. The space is a former anatomical theatre on the Bijloke site in Ghent.

Single sided 10" vinyl with the work Product Placements which consists of 72.400 samples and last 33 seconds. It was as well a performative, sculptural, audio and political piece. Kreidler made this work in order to test the GEMA structure for the new era of sampling. A great example of how this composer works.

This seven inch contains 4 Sprechtanzen; Foxtrott, Langsamer Walzer, Wiener Walzer & Tango. It was recorded when being performed by Gerhard Rühm and his partner Monika Lichtenfeld Rühm in DE PLAYER at 23 January 2016 for our BRAUBLFF #5 program.

During this evening we focus on the archiving of our Pushing Scores project. A project on the nowadays meaning of the 'graphic score', which has been running for over the last 2-3 years. What are the possibilities of graphic scores, in a day and age in which graphic notation is still usually seen as a ‘drawing’, serving as some kind of sheet music?

We will be present with new releases at this fair of special publishers from 13-17 hrs in Paradiso Amsterdam.

We are proud to be part of the world premiere tour of the documentary/film 'Ludo is Fantastic' by Willie Stewart.

This festivity is a celebration of the independent publishers universe. We let the usual record and label fair literary collide into a concert and party setting. It goes on from early afternoon and stops when you sold or traded your last tapes, lp’s, cd-r’s or magazines.



Fri 09 Nov 2018 | open: 20:30 | start: 21:00 | end: 01:00

DE PLAYER will appear in cooperation with Pinkie Bowtie at the PAPIRIPAR festival in Hamburg.
PAPIRIPAR focusses on the relation between visual arts, sound/music and publications at the experimental corner of the hemisphere.

This event is a program with and around the oeuvre of John Duncan (us). Duncan himself will appear as well as Puce Mary (dk), Janneke van der Putten (nl).

We will attending the Wiels Art Book Fair this weekend with our catalogue. Always a pleasure to serve you with exquise publicaziones.
WIELS Art Book Fair 2018
Saturday 08 & Sunday 09.09.2018, 11:00-18:00
Free entrance 

DE PLAYER presents during this exhibition in TAC for the Via Ventosa festival a playeresque showcase
with Ash Kilmartin, Reinier van Houdt, Peter Fengler, Fluwelen Koord, Difficult, DJ Urine

For the occasion of the Antwerp Art Weekend the catalogues of DE PLAYER, Ultra Eczema and Clean Press will be brought together as a completionistic situation or situationistic completion. There will be everyday 3 live actions related to the publications and an ongoing changing exhibition of parts of the catalogues.

In the Karl Holmqvist triptic for the lowlands he will attend the Pinkie Bowtie program. For this occassion we work together with our CASSTL friends because of the space, the place, the people. Karl will do an exquisite reading. Labourwork in China. You're welcome.

For the true idler, the gardens and edens are the places where we all should be hanging around, in fantasy and in real life, rather than toiling for an imagined better future. With this in mind we invite you to our garden and venue. Savor the good things, witness captivating performances, music, food & drinks... the 4th edition of Gardena is upon you!

As you know, there are those evenings after which the sun rises differently. The E-ARTHHA event is about the search for new interfaces and possibilities of sound composition, image and performance. In his lecture, Douglas Kahn discards old categories of sound and performance and replaces them with a new category of "energy" in the bigger narrative of ecology and other...

DE PLAYER is happy to regulate your daily performance with an exclusive evening. JHGGT will flirt with your diffused state of mind and give you some repetitive patterns to implement in your daily life; patterns which you might not be familiar with yet. Do you think we could work this out? It would be awesome!

All eyes and ears on East Asia: listen to cutting edge electronica created around Tokyo's dense urban sprawl by two different generations of Japanese artists; Sugai Ken and Japanese electronic music pioneer Yasuo Sugibayashi. DIY music ethnographer Laurent Jeanneau will present deconstructed Chinese pop songs as Kink Gong. 

DE PLAYER presents
‘Greatest Hits’
A solo exhibition by Matthieu Reijnoudt
Curated by Willem de Haan

Location: corner of Maashaven Oostzijde and Brieselaan, next to metrostation Maashaven

Karl Holmqvist has an extraordinary way with words. His iconic body of work includes text-based works, poetry and readings that bring out the primal qualities of language. Hantrax is an Antwerpian 80's revivalist catapulted back from the future who will play a piano piece at this event. Daniel Tuomey will be chaperoning a bachelor party, for whom he apologises in advance....

BRAUBLFF is an archival piece with work from Gerhard Rühm, Alessandro Bosetti, Tomomi Adachi, ArfArf. with specific contributiuosn and live recordings.

All of a sudden it happened. We where just passing by and looked at it. I winked. We heard a strange voice coming out of the corner. YES. Gorgeous.Vid Edda (DK) - "New collaboration between Chris Shields (Ro, Marcel du Swamp) and Alexander Holm (Ritual Tricks) based in Copenhagen.
We are happy to announce beside Sef III and White Death an extra third artist Viktor Timofeev from Latvia and former student from Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

Together with KRAAK we do an exquise sunday afternoon in Antwerp. We present the second edition of BRAUBLFF 6 at Pinkie Bowtie. Same programm as the evening before but different timing, scene, ambiance and architecture.

Tom White & Ben Knight

We open the new year with a new edition of the notorious BRAUBLFF (materie und laut) series. The ongoing research series in cooperation with KRAAK, Belgium, that delves deep into the question where and how language transforms into music.

This day the work 'Para-phonic Poly-diso' will be luanched at The Small Museum of Paradiso, Amsterdam. 'Para-phonic Poly-diso' is a graphic score for a digital, polyphonic choir wherein visitors of Paradiso can participate with their mobile phone.

Peter Fengler and DE PLAYER presents: "Le Depart & J'arrive" with Max Moolenaar, Gerard Herman, Reinier van Houdt 
Peter Fengler and DE PLAYER presents: "Le Depart & J'arrive" with Max Moolenaar, Gerard Herman, Reinier van Houdt 

Tetra Gamma Circulaire (TGC) – the unknown audio magazine. TGC #3 is compiled in collaboration with students of the Piet Zwart Institute, and is also part of their Experimental Publishing programme of the Media Design Master, named XPUB.

Tetra Gamma Circulaire #3 is travelling now as an open floppy platform. First station is at Pinkie Bowtie Antwerp where we will introduce the TGC#3 in its entity as an unknown music magazine and point out its specific features by demonstrating the floppy works which are already in the collection.

a two day exercise in exclusive ear & mind plugging with the Antwerp label Ultra Eczema.
24 November @ DE PLAYER, Rotterdam
25 November @ Het Bos, Antwerp 


Coolhaven's 10 inch vinyl release ‘RODE PRUIK’, with covers of de Rondo's and combined with a 24 page comic book-style artwork by De Rondos' Johannes van de Weert. 

Cold Void (Luuk Bouwman & Rafaël Rozendaal) boxset containing the transparent milk tainted 12" Cruelty plus 15 posters of videostills by Rafaël Rozendaal printed in offset silver and white inks on black paper. Graphic design by Remco van Bladel. Made for the Pu-shi-ng-Sco-res project by DE PLAYER. Comes in a hard cover box with print. Limited edition of 80 pieces,...

We will attend this fair again to communicate our releases. For example our Tetra Gamma Circulaire #3 an unknown audiomagazine with wifistation, foppydrive and thelike made in corporation with PZI EXP PUBL will be there for you to enjoy....

De Player's summer time out has ended. The Babi Flakka celebrates Coolhaven's new 10inch vinyl release ‘RUIDE PRUIK’, which contains comic book-style artwork by De Rondos' Johannes van de Weert. A release party with live performances by Coolhaven, Fluwelen Koord, Rooie Waas, SHHT and De Rondos' Johannes van de Weert. In collaboration with WORM.

DE PLAYER has its BIGMAG serie as well as Dpt of Public Sound series on display in an elastic exhibition concept at PLAYTIME at SSBA Salon, Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam.
Check out the whole program


An evening of diverse listening. Wether it's about experiencing performances in the realm of conceptual electronica or live music wih origins in classic culture; you'll find that math is ultimately at the root of almost everything. It just manifests itself in different ways.

Artkillart is a label that will celebrate its upcoming 10th anniversary with a tour that includes a visit to DE PLAYER. 

This 7" is made by powertrio Freek Lomme (word), Joan van Barneveld (guitar) en Gert Jan Prins (drums).
The sound is a mixture of post-hardcore, blues, noise...something like that. if you like stuff like Shellac you might like this too.
As they stated:

COLD VOID is Rafaël Rozendaal & Luuk Bouwman. Rafaël is known as a visual artist who mostly creates web based works. Luuk Bouwman is musician (used to be part of Aux Raus) and makes documentaries.

Just released at ART Rotterdam for our Pu-shi-ng-Sco-res project the COLD VOID (Rafaël Rozendaal & Luuk Bouwman) #2 record named CRUELTY. Sort of melancholic minimal synth. Choose from 15 sleeves for this regular edition in an amount of 100. Or check the deluxe boxset with all posters + signed and numbered.

An evening with remarkable experiments and materialised conceptual flip flop. DE PLAYER will unveil its third issue of Tetra Gamma Circulaire (TGC) – the unknown audio magazine. TGC #3 is compiled in collaboration with students of the Piet Zwart Institute, and is also part of their Experimental Publishing programme of the Media Design Master, named XPUB.

We will be attending the KRAAKfestival in Bruxells this Saturday with some records and items from our catalogue plus good works from chef cocque HoekBoud.
Check out here the full program of the festival. Record fair will only be Saturday.

For ART Rotterdam we present Experimental Jetset, Davide Mosconi, DUPAC, Moniker, Cold Void  [Rafaël Rozendaal/Luuk Bouwman] and Telcosystems.

Live event for our Pushing the Score project with Telcosystems (nl), Julia Buennagel (de) and Derek Holzer (us). Focussing on the potential of grahic scores and publishing of sound and image we present Telcosystems with their recent publication Resonanz, a reading on Schematic as a Score  plus concert by Derek Holzer plus a live performance of Julia Bünnagel with modified...

Cristiano Melli on Stockhausen, Freek Lomme, Joan Van Barneveld & Gert Jan Prins with noise poetry, Goodiepal & Pals with animated notation 2.

Our last event for NZZN 2016 in cooperation with Mima and Koffie & Ambacht
for details see 

check out our NZZN site for full program and info

DUPAC is an anonymous collective of stateless artists who are active in product design and politics. They do runs shows in institutes but as well in unattended public space. They are not streetartists, but nomadic in appearance and mindset. There output is an instable eclectic summary of styles.

Vaast Colson is an artist who constantly questions the relationship with the audience. He haa a strong interest in mythology and the traditional mystique of the artist's life. These themes are to be found in objects and installations and are as well further explored in his performances.

This is the first piece in our new series of audio posters which includes graphic work in combination with audio embossed in paper. Stateless glamour art collective DUPAC had it’s premiere.
Music is Not Concrete plays with the proces and discrepancy between concept and materialisation. 3 posters of 445 mm x 590 mm in an envelope, signed and numbered.

After our first edition in 2015 we will continue with NZZN this year. In DE PLAYER and Koffie & Ambacht at the Southside and in PinkPank at the North side.
Save the dates 4, 5, 9 and 11 November.

Presented at WIELS art book fair 2016 was this live made copy zine named "Carlson invents, Colson presents: 99 spines produced on a modified Canon IR2016 copy machine" by Vaast Colson. Produced on a 'prepared copier'. The copy machine is amplified by several internal microphones by which the sound of ecvery run is recorded.

Made during ART Rotterdam 2016. Recordings from the fair directly cut into vinyl blanks on the spot. Printwork and other parephernalia were added. All on an iron spear in clay. An edition of 5 as a complete data/dada bank. Comes per piece in a special box to conserve and display the goods well. Beautiful as a sculptural piece in your room, next to a plant.

Proud collaboration between DE PLAYER and WORM!

A few years ago Eric Isaacson began touring Europe, humbly but meticulously presenting his ideas and personally imbued histories of music. With resounding success. He visited DE PLAYER in September 2016 alongside Mississippi-affiliated artists Marisa Anderson, Lori Goldston, and Dragging An Ox Through Water. 

DE PLAYER and FUCKING GOOD ART will participate again as a duo at the WIELS Art Book Fair in Bruxelles. Besides our regular catalogue we will come with new stuff and a live performative edition on the spot. More details will follow.

DE PLAYER presents in co-operation with A Tale of a Tub an expert event for the solo exhibition Acts of Orientation by Kerstin Ergenzinger which opened 4 June. The expert event will be a live event with reading, concert and installational audio.

In our continuing cooperation with Operadagen Rotterdam we will present this year a new piece by COOLHAVEN named Friedrich Nietsche Superstar. A fat bottom radio play which completes the former trilogy with the 4th part. Expect bizarro horror elements, electrosoapische cantate, peeping doors and frituristic ideologies.

with: VON CALHAU! (pt), AFEWORK NIGUSSIE (et), VINCENT MALASSIS (fr), MAGNETOCEPTIA – Dewi de Vree & Patrizia Ruthensteiner (nl/at), JONAS OHLSSON (se/nl), IAN MARTIN (nl)

Better queue up! This DE PLAYER event at (take note, different location!) Pink Pank is volatile stuff; Cannibal's disorienting tour de force of lower forms of music offers a hallucinatory mind trip in combination with the flashcore punk of the Liège based Cocaine Piss.

Sound & seance in acoustics and electronics; an evening of live performances. Featuring the deeply meditative music of Kelly Jones (flute, tapes, electronics) and Pascal Nichols (percussion and other devices), and the sonic spells of their Dutch counterparts JSCA (who sometimes also go by the name Stalker).

Made at ART Rotterdam on the spot. A series of different combinations of records (some even with a bootleg) plus handcutted sleeve and  a next generation copy zine with all kind of inspiring information for the everlasting youth.

 ▬▬ ▬  ▬▬  ▬▬▬▬  ▬▬▬  ▬▬

Split 7" black vinyl dubcut in a 'pret a porter' stickerbag. Combining sample brockhause by PLMNGL on the one side with new brave from the Carmello Trio on the other, and/or vice versa. 45 rpm. Limited edition of 25.

Stay cool for this date to wave goodbye at 2016 culturale parade with band and impro. DE PLAYER and VROOOM's festive end of the year shredder.
A collective happening where we'll ponder about 2016 and shed Liliputian tears over, and wave goodbye bye to, 2015

RAISING THE LIGHT - a wild night out at Worm Rotterdam

As part of ART Rotterdam's 'Intersections' program DE PLAYER will present the works of three different artists; Tom Verbruggen, Goodiepal, and Peter Fengler. The presentations will be incorporated in an installational / performative setting; actions will be happen throughout the day without adhering to a specific schedule.

Our 2016 opener is the 5th installment of BRAUBLFF, an event series in collaboration with KRAAK exploring the relations between language, matter and music.

Transparent 10" record with engravings and marker print. All records have another sequence of soundfiles from the SSy-001kl series. They come in a marker-printed sleeve with cutted covers, poster, and paperworks. Defined on a visual text piece in which Tankred does the same as with electronics. Damaging the source.

Kent Tankred is a prominent name in sound art. Hailing from Stockholm, he was the president of the famous Fylkingen society between 1993-98, and forms Sons of God with Leif Elggren. He is known for his circuit bent instruments that are represented in the form of collages, sound installations and recordings. Kent's self-built apparatus will be an integral part of his live...

Global Super 8 Day 2015 - celebrating 50 years of Super 8 film!

Jam-packed evening with film, live sound, shadow play, showcasing the end result of a collaborative Artist In Residence, uniting prominent Japanese filmmakers, and a Frysian collective of poets and musicians.

SOLD OUT!!!!! (get your tickets for 30 Oct. at DE PLAYER)

This Berlin-based Danish duo is active in the field of cinematic soundscapes. Their highly imaginative approach to music starts from a visual and sculptural practice; deconstructing and rearranging vinyls by using hacked, multi-tiered turntables, upside-down tone arms, and precision cutting devices to make almost literal jigsaw puzzles out of these records.

This release is a 50/50 coöperation with Vinyl Terror & Horror (Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen). It has essentials from their and our approach and production on vinyl records. A serie with moulded 7" outcentered in a cut up 12" German schlager vinyl and cover.

BRAUBLFF 4 (Materie und Laut)

ARF ARF (au)

9, 10 and 11 October WITH: Pak Yan Lau, Yann Gourdon, Francesco Gregoretti / Olivier di Placido, Tom White, Fluwelen Koord, Huib Emmer, Tashi Dorji, Fckng Bstrds, Kent Tankred, Zeno vd Broek, Mariette Rouppe van der Voort, Saskia Venegas, Godswil, Mercedes Azpilicueta and more....

10" colored perspex record, electronic device, magnetic sensor, stainless steel plate, magnets, carton box (record player not included).

Kris Delacourt aka Remörk is an oyster from the swamp of Antwerp. He has a lot of output in various charachters. He is sjamanistic, circuit bender, prof. guitarist, sound engeneer etc.

This Public Sound is dealing with Noise As New Politics and in coöperation with Witte de With CCA.

We will present our newest release PRINCIPIUM 2.0 (DOB 073)
as an installation and with a concert..
at Ernst van Dijkkaai 4 in Remörk his hometown Antwerp.
It will be open from 15 hrs till around 23 hrs
just to give make it an endurance slow piece evolving with Remörk itself pushing the buttons.

DE PLAYER presents Vinyl Terror & Horror during the 'Kunst in het Witte de Withkwartier’. The duo will present their installation “They call it an accident” at the festival. Next to that they will also do a live performance (day / hour tba).
timetable festival:

live set:


BE AWARE: the 12th of JUNE is on a FRIDAY (Thank God!), not on a Saturday as we have coincidentally announced in our last mailing.

DE PLAYER x PANTROPICAL: MDOU MOCTAR + screening 'Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai'

DE PLAYER is kindly hosting Noodlebar for an event. Noodlebar is a monthly modular synth happening where the nerds meets the audience in a mesh up of cables, jack plugs and bended materials. With:

FAKE Magazine is a newly resurrected Dutch music magazine with strong DIY ethics. Chief editor Wim van den Herik and his minions aim to put a handle on relevant developments in local and international scenes. For the occasion of the release of FAKE's April edition, DE PLAYER and FAKE co-curate this event as a reflection of FAKE Magazine's content. 




First issue of an unknown audio magazine initiated by DE PLAYER. For this issue we had a jamming at Fylkingen Stockholm and did finsihing and saucing in hometown Rotterdam sessions. The boxset is almost autarcic. It has audiomaterials in sticker and poly urethane, contains cracklebox in Swedish cracker, has a solarcell, paper turntable with stylus and a noise page with...

DE PLAYER’s catalogue #3 in which all releases and facts, which are published so far, are printed like the text you are reading right now. Comes with a black 7” with textual comments on the catalogue itself in germanistics on the A-side and a frog statement on the B-side. A real ‘hebbedingetje’.


Stine Janvin Motland is a performer and composer from Stavanger, Norway. 

Leif Elggren (b.1950) is a Swedish artists who lives and works in Stockholm, Active since the 70′s he has become one of the most constantly surprising conceptual artists to work in the combined worlds

Daniel Löwenbrück (b.1974) is a German performance artist, composer of tape-music and (sometimes) visual-artist living in Berlin.

My Last Works is a hommage to the work and life of Sten Hanson (1936-2013). It comes with 4 not yet published sound pieces on white 10" and CD + a booklet with essays on his work by GJ de Rook and Magnus Haglund. Sten Hanson, the Swedish artist, who, working as a sound-poet, created pioneering work in the visual arts as well as performance art, is no more.

Sten Hanson, the Swedish artist, who, working as a sound-poet, created pioneering work in the visual arts as well as performance art, is no more.


BRAUBLFF focusses on the question 'Where and how transforms language into music?' 
This edition we present Valeri Scherstjanoi, Stine Motland, Leif Elggren & Daniel Löwenbrück.
Just for now, put it in your agenda. So you will be served with exquise voice related performative matter.

In cooperation with Fylkingen we will present our new release My Last Works by Sten Hanson.

This Saturday 27 September DE PLAYER will do a reading on anti-recording, duplication, esthetics and poetry as lawmaker at the symposium 

With Phil Minton, bart plantenga, Doreen Kutzke, Myriam van Imschoot, Beny Betschart, Karin Gwerder, DJ Hoekboud and more

Before God needed to be invented there were People
and Before there was Language there was Song
and Before there was Song there was the Yodel 

Public Tactics: Open invit

Second edition in the series Braublff (materie und laut) on music-matter-language. icw KRAAK & KASK School of Arts Gent.
with Chris Newman, Daan Vandewalle, Dieter Schnebel, Arianne Jessulat

Dingshu Dairy: the Remix by Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen A Co-production by DE PLAYER and Witte de With

From 20-26 october DE PLAYER will be at Fylkingen, Stockholm to work on new material and to do live sets and presentation of several box sets.

doors open 20.00 hrs, start program: 20.30 exact!!!
A film & talk presentation by Eric Isaacson + LIVE sets by:
Marisa Anderson, Lori Goldston, Dragging An Ox Through Water

After teaching english in Thailand for 6 years and studying Pilosophy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Pierrot Vianoupoulos decided to check out art studies. His final work leaded to a soundpiece as a genealogy. This is connected with his interest for processes and particles.He lives and works in Rotterdam.

A collection of sound snippets which all has it's origin in a little guitar notation. After deconstructing stretching, compressing etc... it became an archive of pieces which are little construction stones for understanding musical pieces in its elements and structure. The boxset contains ten 10" records which are made to use for new pieces. Comes in a beautiful laser...

Single sided 10” with a dancing chairs song with 23 stops. All silkscreened at bottomside and assembled in the seat of a woodenchair. Originally produced as an installational piece for Gerard Herman his solo exhibition ‘Arm en Erg Hard’ in Museum M, Leuven, Belgium. Now in our collection to complete your interior decoration and relaxing cultural and physical desires.

OCH TOCH is an event during which acoustic quartet Fersteinn, turntablist Marc Matter, visual poet Jörg Piringer and actionists Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz will focus on the voice as medium and object.

In the ambiance of the ART Bruxelles side programming we will showcase some special record box sets, which are more than just a record itself, in a live performative setting.

DE PLAYER and VROOOM are united in their cultural road to a better world and understanding. While Vrooom is temporarily exiled from its usual location (Kapelzaal @ Het Klooster in the north of R'dam), DE PLAYER will accommodate them for their event on the 8th of April. Vrooom will be piecing together another quality mini circus of sound & vision... always good for a...

PERFECT LIVES – An opera for television by ROBERT ASHLEY
[1984 / 7x25 minutes, english, colour]

presale here:

A seven page pop-up book entitled UOEPOPIAUPERA which guides the UOEIA operina Phizmiz made. The story is sketched in beautiful print and pop-up work and it became a striking object. A rich riso printed 3D phantasy made with west european hand labour. Comes with sleeves of footnotes and a 10” with the music.

location: Witte de With CCA / doors open 19.45 - intro program 20.15 - start program 20.30

Folding, projections, image building and packaging with: Ergo Phizmiz, Abner Preis, Lichun Tseng and Jutu van der Made. We invited these artists to transform this evening into a 'paperesque business'; a live production and performance site where a limited 12" vinyl record with pop-up book is being created, released and celebrated. 

Hans Clavin (1946-2015) is the pseudonym of Hans H.H.A. van der Heijden. Clavin, one of the pioneers of visual poetry in the Netherlands, made his debut in 1966 in the magazine Vers Univers, and was closely involved with international concrete and visual poetry until the mid-1970s. He launched the magazine Subvers, which ran for six years, in 1970.

As an actual repetition of history this 10" contains recorded works from clavins early visual poetry on a laser etched transparent 10" dubcut. It comes with a booklet with poems + an original artwork by clavin. All signed and numbered by the artist.


Unstable Causes is the live happening for ART Rotterdam side program
during the Hans Clavin expo at DE PLAYER
with Hans Clavin, G.J. de Rook, Toine Klaassen, Momu & No Es, Ian Martin + tba

For ART Rotterdam we present works by HANS CLAVIN
the exhibition will be from 6-9 february
open 13.00 - 17.00 hrs or on appointment

for this event we invited Lorah Pierre, Ewa Justka and Poulomi Desai;
3 upcoming artists which resides in London, UK and are characterised by the fact that they develop their own electronic devices for the use of making sound in a sculptural and performative way.
All 3 have their own solutions for that:

Still to be seen this beautiful record by Gerard Herman and DE PLAYER in Museum M in Leuven, Belgium.
Furthermore we are preparing new releases and program for 2014. With people like Hans Clavin, Ergo Phizmiz, Alessandro Bosetti, Ferstein, Emanuele Carcano, Kent Tankred and many more.
'details will come along the raod we go, but for now have a seat' (Raya Mushwaya...

This Dept. of Public Sound release is related to the UOEIA I event by DE PLAYER, during Operadagen Rotterdam in May 2013 at BAR, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Stuttering live concret, wailing feedback, Xenakis-esque swarms of descending glissandi, abusive guitar wrangling, walls of harsh static on a double sided black vinyl containing edited sound from the live recording of Marco Fusinato his endurance performance Spectral Arrows for DE PLAYER at 18 May 2013 at Groothandelsgebouw, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - recorded by Gerben...

DE PLAYER has collaborated with Gerard Herman for the production of his Stoelendans, an installation of chairs and records, that will be on show in his upcoming solo exhibition 'Arm en erg hard' in M Museum Leuven, Belgium.
Opening 27 november 2013, 20.00 hrs, Museum M Leuven

Besides being part of the abstract/experimental electronic 'band' Stilluppsteypa, he is known for his energetic performances. His approach is that of the trembling artist, struggling to make sense and direction out of a creative impulse. Regardless of the medium, there is a continuous search for order and chaos throughout his body of work.

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson for the POUR VOUS #2 with recordings from his performance set at DE PLAYER at 27 April 20013, where he tested the microphone stand and exhibited his failure and rise as a minimalistic, conceptual, experimental, avant garde, etc. musician and let the audience pay for it by undressing himself and pointing out some painful things on his laptop.

This issue in our Public Sound series contains two booklets with articles and one 10" record.
texts: Branden W. Joseph, Suzanne G. Cusick, Lawrence Abu Hamdan
sound: Lawrence Abu Hamdan
artwork: Ben Schot

UOEIA II (a live yodel event)

for Echokamer # 13
with Phil Minton, bart plantenga, Bernhard Betschart, Myriam van Imschoot & Doreen Kutzke

Admission: € 8,00 (incl. a  4-week Club Mediamatic Membership)

a performative event in timecapsules
DE PLAYER & WORM present you an evening focussing on the performance, but WHY?

Melle is active as a researcher, artist and critic in public space. The contemporary landscape reflects who we are. Smets visualizes traces from the past and present to explore the relationship between man and his environment. After finishing a study Art and Public Space (OK 5) at the art academy in Arnhem in 1999, he was co-founder of the artists collective GANG.

Paul Granjon (Lyon, 1965) teaches video, digital media and performance in the Media Art Practice (MaP) Department of the School of Fine-Art in Cardiff. Paul is an artist working with electronics, robotics, video and computer programming. His subject matter i the evolution of the relation and respectiev status of human and machine.

Electronic composer and artist Anja Kaufmann (Basel, 1974) studied new media at Hyperwerk in Basel, Switzerland. Her work is concept-based and investigates/combines audiovisual composition, science phenomena, social studies and information architecture. She participated in DE PLAYER's program COM.POST 2009 with a sound work, installed nearby traffic circle Putselaan,...

teaches at the Department of Criminilogy (VU University Amsterdam. the Netherlands). His publications inculed articles on law, philosophy and popular culture. He has published mainly on politics and crime control, and governance of securtiy and criminological theory. Publications include 'Mediapolis: Popular Culture and the City' (010-Publishers, 2007) and 'Deleuze...

jan van den dobbelsteen

black 10" vinyl with printwork. All vinyls are signed with a etched G&M mark. Limited edition of 10 pieces.

On the occasion of the exhibition of Koen Taselaar in Kunstenlab, the label Esc.rec.

This evening will be for those who are interested in the political use and the meaning of the perception of sound.
With Aural Contract by Lawrence Abu Hamdan and the radioplay/performance Hitler (rejoice for we are absolved) by Noise of Shade.


We will present a substantial part of our catalogue at a vinyl exhibition at Spedition, Bremen, Germany. For the opening some performative action will take place
The exhibition runs from 5 October till 27 October.
More specific details will soon pop up. 

For now, for your info:

After our recent Blushing event on friday 21st June, the days are getting shorter again and we will be preparing aktivität for the September-December block. Meanwhile production of new releases is continued as well as other polymorphic geniality.

Talking about singing, you are talking about Phil Minton, who explores the state of the arts of the sound leaving a throat. His exhuberant provocation of the idea of the canon of sound by voice, brings us into area’s we do not know yet. His vocabulary is also engaged with the glottary twist which is the character of yodelling. His performance will be energetic and extatic...

Ergo Phizmiz (uk) is a radio producer, collagist, writer, composer, and filmmaker, who has worked across radioplays, installations, opera, songwriting, animations, and performance.

from 09.00 - 17.00 hrs
location: GROOT HANDELSGEBOUW (near central station)
C-Entrance, 7th floor - Office nr. C7.076
Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam

There will be a door(wo)man at the entrance to guide you

25 May on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Warteck artist buncker in Basel, we will do a showcase of our SESD-box.
With sculptural eclectronic outsourcing of diverse matter in a live setting.
More info on location and specific program comes along the riverside.

Beautiful perspex boxset bringing together our 8INCH 2011 participants. Exclusive matters and items with a double 7" in MDF lasercutted wrap by DDV and AMVK, a double christmas chocolat by Goodiepal, a Christian Cutting by Gilbert van Drunen and 8 Flexi + booklet by Dr,. Bibber. All containered for your comfort and pleasure. Price reducing package + luxury box. Take this...

In this boxeset we compile the 8-INCH releases made in 2010. 4 exclusive labels all with their own signature together in a boxset. Makes it chique and cheaper to purchase. All well kept in a beautiful silscreened carton box. For your comfort and pleasure. With AA Records, Meeuw Muzak, Circle Records and Dennis Tyfus/Ultra Eczema.

Extended Digged Histokultural Exchange Knowlegde
an evening of complex cultural relaxation in our freshley integrated mothership

This gold foil flexi disc represents a sound impression of our catalogue and includes a corporate commercial within the tracks about our releases. The artistic director of DE PLAYER guides you on your travels through our releases. Includes a xerox copy of this document

A Collapsing And Shameful Performance Happening
with Dynasty Handbag (New York, USA), Jamie Warren (Kansas City, U.S.A), Mr.Vast (Hamburg, DE)

“UOEIA”; an operina on the histories of yodelling by Ergo Phizmiz and also the name of the Yodel Event, organized during the Opera Festival Rotterdam.
Late Afternoon and Late Night Show with reading, films, food, and different kind of live-performances, ALL exploring the specific yodel technique in all kind of arts and cultures.
bart plantenga, writer of 2 books about yodeling...

DE PLAYER and WORM present a day about music and economy, revolving around two authoritative sound-artists/composers, whose work is engaged with political-economical processes.

SESD (Sculptural Electronic Sound Discs) with Dennis de Bel, Gert jan Prins, Tom Verbruggen & Gijs Gieskes is a research and production project which resulted in a box-set with four intriguing records. Two elements are combined into an active sound composition.

1st Necropolis N edition. Produced by DE PLAYER. Released on the occasion of the exhibition ‘I Can’t, I Can, I Care’ in De Vleeshal, Middelburg (8-16 October 2011), based on the text of Jan Verwoert ‘Exhaustion & Exuberance’ and a workshop on Time/Bank. In coöperation with the Hogeschool Rotterdam, Instituut voor Onderwijs and Innovatie. Lectoraat Communication in a...

DE PLAYER will be present with our releases on the PAPERVIEW edition 2013 in WIELS Bruxelles.
Specifically for the opening of Tauba Auerbach's exhibition Tetrachromat, DE PLAYER was asked to play records from our collection and related issues which are relevant for this context.

Our first release in the new 10" dubcut POUR VOUS series starting with Das Ding on 45 rpm with wide range grooves. Cutted at a temerature of 40 degrees the stylus works well. Comes with repetitive papersleeve prints.


We will present at ART Rotterdam some boxsets we realised lately. To mention: SESD box set, 70% box set, 8 INCH boxset.
All containing work by DDV, AMVK, GVD, Goodjeparl, Dennis de Bel, GJ Prins, TOKTEK, Gijs Gieskes, Dennis Typhus, PF and more.

a receptionistic avant meeting for 2013 with Anne James Chaton (fr) and Das Ding (nl): 1. as a good speed of for 2013, 2. for your personal kulturale regulation, 3. as a spatial come back in our renovated club-house. Voila!
vol is vol

Because of the fact that DE PLAYER has 10 years of AKTIV regulation in the Kultur Field and that ULTRA ECZEMA already is BUSY for 15 years, a magnificent co produced vinyl box will be launched at the UE jubilee exhibition at LLS 387 in Antwerp.

Voor Slechts Seuventig % Afspeelbaar - Box - Dennis Tyfus and Peter Fengler

a collaborative box set made by Dennis Tyfus and Peter Fengler for the occassion of 15 years itchy Kultur by Ultra Eczema and 10 years regulating Aktivität by DE PLAYER. They have been working on it a little longer than one year. The box set is limited to 10 copies. No box set is the same; all original records in a total of 100 pieces.

Loze ruimte - DE PLAYER

DE PLAYER continues her program in 2013 and 2014.

ya ya ya!

mermaids/spermwhales split c28 cassette: out now on INTO THE PRISM. if you want one, please contact INTO THE PRISM via

Platenlabel bratwurst records

Flexidisc on the occassion of the OFF ISTANBUL program; a co production of Kunstenfestival 0090, DeForm Music, DE PLAYER, Les Ateliers Claus, Scheld’apen, La Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale

mixed by Grup Ses beats, mastering Gökhan Denec

This ETN-O package contains two engraved 12" picture discs + beautifully a semantic printwork. All pattern weaved musical and visual notation knited together in a silkscreened cover. A mix of eclectics, electrics, electronics, digistics and analogica. With music by Lukas Ligeti, Norman/Mc Gee, Sukhai Samaru and Muhammer Shekki. It is a Feelin' ; ETN-O.

DE PLAYER is in the MAG | IS | IN - investigation on magazines as an independent medium. Francesca Oddenino and Vanessa Poli made a study on this subject under the supervision of prof. Fabio Guida. During this public event they will present results, show magazines involved in the research, do workshops and lead a conference on the subject. Our BIGMAG. 1-4 are part of the...

This release will be a  double 8 inch poly urethan record and will be one of the first relief (3D sculptural) records released by DE PLAYER. Made in P.F. his studio in coöperation with The Goodiepal these records where developed and produced. There is no image available yet, to keep a bit of mystery. The image you see is just the graphic principle of cutting sound criss...

Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, also known as AMVK (Antwerp, December 5, 1951) is a Belgian artist whose work involves painting, drawing, computer art and video art. In 1981, Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven satarted the noise and stage project Club Moral with (DDV) Danny Devos. Since 1982 she is represented by Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium.

double 8-INCH with lasercutted and engraved MDF packaging. With picture disc lathe cut (DDV) and plexiglass silkscreened lathecut (AMVK). Two posters included. Very limited edition.


5" soundcard with a soundcollage by Henrik Kairies with: Voyage puré (2002/2003), Dieter Schnebel: Maulwerker (1968-74/version 2006) & Steffi Weissmann: apropos (2006). Maulwerker performers: Ariane Jessulet, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski, Steffi Weismann.

Daire 2: General Gramofon ( of myspace)
Bunu Sen Istedin (myspace)


Sculptural Electronic Sound Discs (SESD)
with Tom Verbruggen, Gert Jan Prins, Gijs Gieskes and Dennis de Bel
open: 20.00 start 21.00 entrance 6 euro
innovative, complax, eclectronic, tactile 

We present you Big City Orchestra (us) and Lukas Ligeti (us) in a cross project mix event with etno affairs, bush splatter and neo avant knitting For this BIGMAG. release event at the 6 October 2012 we will work in a cooperative form with 4 other Kultural Partners in Afrikaanderwijk (KPA).

We will stay on producing new releases in the club during summertime, so everlasting activities, but not so tres publique.

Visual artist, columnist, organiser and musician. Has an explicit political approach in live and work. Good asshole. Plays in Twee Hond, a duo band with his wife Lies Klaus. In 2010 he got the Hans Baaij essay price for a critical essay on arts and its position in the Rotterdam city structure.

With Gilbert Van Drunen (GVD) we prepared a special lathe cut. With the electric saw a bunch of 12" christian choire and other ritualistic speech or chant were cut back to square 8 inch records. After tht we putted a transparent lack over it and did lathe cuts on both sides.
A-side with a speech of Kipling (anti semitic xenofobism)

Dr. Bibber is the man behind one of the firts noise tape labels in beginning 80's in Holland. He is running still his label STRONT and broadcasts under the same name at Radio Patapoe every wednesday between 17 hrs and 21 hrs all kind of noise, grind, electro etc. he likes. He's one of the members form Fucking Bastards and operates solo as Dr. Bibber.

This beautiful release was already longtime on the shortlist to be done. Dr. Bibber made a personal story in a 16 page booklet. It deals about his youth and how he became so eager on sex with negrowoman. All very understandable. This booklet (16 fullcolor copy) comes along with a single sided white flexidisc, plus the stencilled poster for the live event we had for the...

At this event DDV will give shape to the program. With Club Moral (DDV and AMVK) and possibly other invented brothers &/or sisters a performative political art sceance will be manifested. One of the performances is part of a trilogy.

He explores existential, social and artistic border situations and confrontation with his audience. DDV created 160 performances, many dealing with endurance, personal danger and psychological terror. His 1990s sculptures and installations are inspired by true crime, for which he corresponded with several multiple murderers in Belgium and the U.S.A.

Because of the fact that DE PLAYER is ACTIV for about X years now, we do 3 intimate events to give it meaning. The first event with GVD will be a cutural politisch gathering with film, reading, perfo and the presentation of a new release in our 8-INCH series. More details will soon follow. Helens cabins will be also open for your optional daily refreshment.

dutch artist obsessed with vinyl records, record players, tape recorders and the sounds coming from them.

Charlemagne Palestine is a very influential experimental American musician, composer, performer and visual artist.  He combines his musical activities w

Frieder Butzmann
1954 geboren in Konstanz am Bodensee.
Sammelt Töne Musiken Geräusche Eindrücke.
Er weiß aber meistens nicht, ob er daraus
Musikstücke, Filmmusiken, Vorträge, Hörspiele
oder ganze Opern machen soll.
Er spreizt, kürzt, transponiert unermüdlich
analoge und digitale Tonaufnahmen bis zur Unkenntlichkeit.

For the 10 anniversary which takes place this year (we started in april 2003 with a concert by Helgoland and the nowadays legendary Stromboli series by Coolhaven) Dr. Bibber will eat out your cake this particular day. For this event we produced a flexdisc + zeroxcopy booklet.

Handmade 10" in limited edition of 10 pieces.

Hugo Bongers will leave the RRKC after many years of engaged survey and advise. And because of the fact that he is a hard core fan of DE PLAYER's activities we were asked to offer a live act for this festivity.

Continuing in the DE PLAYER’s tradition of research as part of its ODR program that covers “extended vocal techniques and new forms of music theatre,” DE PLAYER presents the Berlin ensemble Maulwerker during this year’s Weekend of Adventure series.

For the occasion of the 3 performances The Sons of God did in our program for ART Rotterdam 2012 we produced a soundcard as entrance ticket for the shows. They now are available as item in our shop. Good soundquality, pretty rare.

Our first catalogue is printed.

A brand new flexi disc for the occasion of the Deep Cuts and Auditory Matters II event which was presented at WIELS, Bruxelles 3 december 2011. This flexi has the printwork of the flyer on 220 grams carton with a centerhole right trough the middle.

A clean and fast 10" black vinyl limited to 10 pieces.
One side with four tracks, other side handmade inscriptions by G&M themselves.




A beautiful limited 10" package by our soulmates from the AA Records
based on the sound of their 8-INCH release, they did an extra on this 10"
with poster and handcutted bricolage sleeve.
DEEEEEEEPer and deeper.

Raymond Dijkstra made a beautiful 5 tracks 10" black vinyl with a hardcover and caligraphic/cutting bricolage.
title De Schaar (The Scissor).

Beautiful 10 inch in limited edition of 10 pieces
containing 8 songs by Jad Fair
plus a papercutting and handmade drawing on innersleeve

One person we definitely needed to include in our catalogue is, of course, Emil Beaulieau, the man who invented the word Anti-Record. He has produced an amazing number of titles inhis RRRecords catalogue representing many great artists. This piece is, as he himself points out, “perhaps some of my best work.”

For SOUND as a WEAPON, Mark Bain delivered two tracks for the 'jubilee' of the twintower collapse.
As a reversal archisonic fact the work transcribes theseismic record directly to sound
the action of the twin towers collapsing as itimpacted the earth and geologically recorded
many miles away from ground zero. The sound of collapse as it relates to newstyles...

The Arhus Warrior, also known as Goodiepal or Goodiepal van den Dobbelsteen, is still fighting his war on stupidity in modern computer music and media arts. For SOUND as a WEAPON he gave us some information on possible tactics how to bring the Arhus warrior down. Pretty autobiographic information.

For SOUND as a WEAPON Erik van Lieshout made a beautiful range of covers all based on remakes of rap albums. All in his particularly rousy stile. For the A-side of the vinyl he recorded EPMD (Erik en Peter making dollars). A local story about his relationship with mr. DE PLAYER (Peter) himself and Erik.

DDV's contribution to 'Sound as a Weapon' by De Player in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
A soundtrack cut in clear perspex shaped in a rotating knife on your turntable. 10" disc off center makes a regular 7" 45rpm.
The cover is a handprinted woodcut with baby powder finish.
Comes with a nice soft touch waxprint 75x100cm poster.
In a protective clear pvc dust...

An archival piece we can call it
this CIRCLE RECORDS 1996-2002 release.
John Nixon, Julian Daspher, Marco Fusinato

Together with John Nixon we produced this 10th edition in our 8-INCH series.

DOB020  8-INCH #9 – MeeuwMuzak – 8” lathe cutdisc – ltd edition of 50
sound by Chris Immler

This publication offers another platform – that of sound carrier – to further spotlight the collaboration between DE PLAYER and ODR. It features live recordings and an essay that addresses technical research in the field of sound as it relates to the ODR’s programming, namely, the use of both the virtual and analog voices during the Who’s Afraid of Modern Opera performances...

An interview with Alivia Zivich and Nate Young in Dusted Magazine:

AA Records (Nate Young and Alivia Zivich) is known for its handmade, lathe-cut releases. This very much resembles an AA release with a beautiful double 8-inch lathe cut disc with excerpts from their Toxoplasmosis project.  One graffiti-sprayed transparent lathe cut disc plus a mirrored plexiglas lathe cut disc. All graffiti center labels are original.

square 8” lathe cut | ltd edition of 50

10” vinyl dubplate | ltd edition of 10 | signed & marked

square 8” lathe cut disc | ltd edition of 50

square 8” lathe cut disc | ltd edition of 50

square 8” lathe cut disc | ltd edition of 50

square 8” lathe cut disc | ltd edition of 50 |

Upside Down / Bang Bang | square 8” lathe cut disc | ltd edition of 50 pieces

Grainy stuff with a smell. The MELTED MEN represent the explicit performative, ritualistic and non-theoretical part of DE PLAYER as a mental space. Rituals and psychoses are their main themes. SPITCUP has a handmade chewing tabacco cover with sparkles and collage on the back. Inside a square 8” lathe cut disc plus photo and poster.

For the Quasi Crystals; all about utpian concepts on personal glamourous level as well as broader socialogical, sexual, infrastructural and political senses.

Massive archival production culled from the 2008 COM.POST series in which we invited artists, composers and other relevant people to produce new sound pieces in which the performative aspect plays an essential role. Each of the 6 projects appears on a separate CD with a booklet detailing the inspirations and concepts behind the work. Plus original artworks and essay by...

Split record with Scott Foust’s Idea Fire Company and Felix Kubin’s Pataphisycal Tapeclub. Beautiful silkscreen cardboard box cover, 3 posters and 60-page booklet that focuses on positioning tactics from deep theory to pamphleteering. With Avi Pitchon, ROHSTOFF, Fucking Good Art, Kristina Ask, Onomatopee, Mr.

Our first release focussing on the aspect of outsiders as a intuïtive guideline for making this real intens sound and printwork object. Sound by Goodiepal and Jessica Rylan, picture disc images by Joep van Liefland and Jani Horvonen. 28-page full-color booklet, silkscreen cover.

The basic source for this record is the copper engraving “The Sudarium of St Veronica“, cut by the French artist Claude Mellan (1598-1688) in Paris 1649.
A portrait of Christ engraved through a continuous spiral line that starts at the tip of his nose.

A black 10inch dubcut with 2 soundtracks; Drive Chairs and Civil Defense.
The package contains 3 Riso printed posters from the performance they did for our programm at ART Rotterdam.
It also includes the 5" x 7" soundcard which was specially produced as entrance ticket.




Alweer de tweede editie hiervan in DE PLAYER.
Een middag/avond met eten, drinken, wellicht een act en centraal staat het rondsnuffelen in de berg die met zijn allen gemaakt wordt.

A lazy sunday event with film, performance and some soundlistening training.

This evening we will screen Tscherwonez (1983, 96 min., DE) by Gabor Altorjay.

Toxoplasmosis (us), Ludo Mich (be), Orphan Fairy Tale (be)
plus screening 'Lysistrata' (1976, 52') by Ludo Mich

THE WILD CLASSICAL MUSIC ENSEMBLE is a truly unique band consisting of 4 mentally challenged musicians (Lynh, Johan, Rudy and Kim) and their ‘conductor’ Damien Magnette. They bring a challenging mix of punk, noise and free music. Something totally different than the well known dutch orchestra Josti-band.


i.s.m. ART Rotterdam with:
vom grill (be)
khian sandalen (be)
remork (be)
preggy peggy (us)
guy rombouts (be)

"If you toss in a rag you get onomatopee"

Exhibition in cooperation with ART Rotterdam 4-7 February from 13.00 to 17.00, free admission

>>>> Saturday 6 February, 20.00, Hybrid live event (see agenda!), admission €;6 <<<<<<

No Show No Livin'

Îlot (( ongoing interactive audio installation untill end of july

NO more reservations possible....
COM.POST # 12 / Melle Smets (nl)

'Regiogeluiden' [Area Sounds]

presentation BIG MAG #2
with: Siegelhead (de/eng), Rohstoff (at), Wilfried Hou je Bek (nl), Rene SG (nl), Jay van Buren (us), Jan Huijben (nl) among others.

This evening we will present the second issue of our magazine BIGMAG.
The program will be connected with the content of the magazine.

It seems already so long ago and at the same time so short....
But true fact is that MELTED MEN is back again in DE PLAYER
it is the 4th time in our history and we just simply love them
In contrary to their 3 hrs longing release-selling party of their
double-album ROTTEN HUT FLORIST last year
they said to come now with clear out of the blue

KRNRNGR= kornreiniger

Probably the most spazztic band of the XXUNI.
Their influences are a mix of members who have played in
Caroliner, Deerhoof, Bromb Trep,...
'A very eclectic soundperformance from a isolated valley...

De GeluidPost is de imaginaire concertruimte van Lokaal 01_Breda waar de luisterervaring centraal staat. In DE PLAYER is de mobiele versie hiervan enige tijd in 2008 te gast. Er zullen door de tijd heen diverse geluidswerken te beluisteren zijn. Dit kan tijdens aktiviteiten in DE PLAYER of na telefonische afspraak.

Voor meer infor en achtergronden zie:

Saturday - January 26th, 2008
20:30 hrs.


'The Mourning Show'

COM.POST # 11 / BMB con. (uk/nl)
a tour of performative actions/installations
the nature of unpredictability in artistic creation
meal: 3,00 euro, available from 19 - 20 h.


Through architecture, art, philosophy, Michael will talk about new imaginations of the city.


For COM.POST #15 Raymond Dijkstra curated an exclusive live program with new acoustic compositions
to be made on the spot in a blind date setting.
With public reader Frédérique Bruyas (fr), composer of acoustic and visual happenings Limpe Fuchs (de) , soundartist Timo van Luijk/Af Ursin (fin/be) & Edward Ka-spel (uk/nl) who is known from The Legendary Pink...

Alle zintuigen op scherp en welkom in de 21e eeuw: nieuwe klanken, kleuren en geuren en dus ook nieuwe stukken en ideeen.

Duo Percucello:
Annie Tangberg, cello en Niels Meliefste, slagwerk
Carola Bauckholt: Langsamer als ich dachte (voor diaprojector, cello en slagwerk)
Roderick de Man: Case history

in cooperation with PrintRoom & WORM free entrance, pass the hat around

an exhibition of the works and lives of the important CIRCLE RECORDS label [Australia / New Zealand],
from 13th till the 23rd of January at The PrintRoom

Atjehstraat-Katendrecht- Rotterdam

De Spreekselreeksen is a series of readings presented in the form of performances.
The necessary information is here presented in a provocative manner to the engaged hipster.










Bitterballen, vinylexpo, organsounds
with Chris Imler, Felix Kubin (tbc), DJ Meeuw, DJ Pieter Kock

8 INCH #9: Meeuw Muzak

(Stieltjesstraat 38 3071 JX Rotterdam)

noise, deep projections, brain trance & bottom
leading to crumbled synthcrack and imagionesque (screen)perfo

WHAT >>> ?

Let's say; 'prepare for a new cultural landscape'

JAD FAIR will be in DE PLAYER to give us a complete insight in his artistic world.The evening will consist of a concert, a new 10' release, an exhibition of his papercuttings plus live papercuting demonstration'The world keeps getting better and i'm not sure it's all because of Jad, or if science, technology, and medicine help too. It's probably just Jad.

* Zijn nieuwe album "King for a Day" is uit

* Hij wilde nog even DE PLAYER goedendag zeggen
voordat ie Duitsland intrekt

Daar kan je geen nee op zeggen

Ditmaal met band

Een potje dikke glitzpop

Rockshow met zware kitsch en erotiek.

Dat wordt weer pure luxe-tijd

in een zeer comfortabele chroupe setting.

In cooperation with IMPAKT festival there will be at 17.00 hrs a round table discussion on the topics of content of the IMPAKT festival 2010 which is curated by STEALTH architects. Some material from the festival will act as input for exchange of ideas about our direct surrounding; the city and it's developement.


preview BIGMAG. #4 - MATT HULSE (uk)

Bobby Conn & Monica Boubou

National Funk and Satanic Forces @ Roodkapje/Rot(t)terdam!

Gijs Gieskes developes his own instrumentarium by circuit bending, bug hoppin' & crap-stitching. By these techniques he practises memetism* in a technical cultural sense. Implanting these newborn methods right into public systems turns it into a uncontrollable organism. From this starting point an operesk meme will be created instantly on the evening itself.

DSR #8 PHIL X MILSTEIN: The Doing Of Our Thing
For fans of American eccentrics, musicology, the underground, outsider music, and song lyrics.

>> Performance, Reading, Film Screening, Demo <<


DE PLAYER presents thursday 21 januari 2010

8-INCH #6


exhibition, live set, graphics, animation, spinner

Another exquise mix of avant sound, image, vinyl, printwork, theory , esthetics and abjects from our polymorph production stage, presented in our 8-INCH series

a Wang on Wang programm with WARM for their Winter of Love'.



POLYSICS (jap) can be named as the japanese DEVO. An 8-headed plastic R&R dragon with electronic blieps skurrs plus extraterrestial...

'Eventually it may be possible for humans to speak with another species. I have come to this conclusion after careful consideration of evidence gained through my research experiments with dolphins. If new scientific developements are to be made in this direction, however, certain changes in our basic orientation and philosophy will be necessary.' -1961 by John C. Lilly...

DE PLAYER presents

6th and 7th of JUNE 2009

'afdeling Openbaar Geluid' (the official initiation)
dinner plus

Installational madness, sound and dance imperialism in a topdown presentation

with vinyl , printwork, live performance & exhibition

vinyl release, video, conversation, exhibition, live program with GATE / MICHAEL MORLEY - featuring special guests (to be announced later)

-opening/live event: 13 august 20.00 hrs, entrance 6 euro

Expo by Michael Morley as part of the 8-INCH project.
To be seen till saturday the 22th....

Music and Elocution

a total installation including a reading with audiofragments & a film in wallpainting

+ extra extra a film by Karin Post about The Aubette-Straatsburg
'Exposition Dansante', 1996, 52 minutes
with Peter Struijken.Carel Weber.Carel Blotkamp,Ger van Elk.Benno Premsela, Wim Crouwel a.o.

exhibition vernissage, live event, projections, club
performances by NO BRA (uk), TV Baby (us)
DJ sets by 'experimental circle club & junk club' from southend London
exhibition curated by NO BRA.


Granjon is interested in the co-evolution of man and machine. He works with electronica, robots, video and programmed software with which he creates a series of robots, installations, videos and live performances. He manages to exploit a series of complex technical actions and animate everyday gadgets to playful and humorous effect.

Granjon is interested in the co-evolution of man and machine. He works with electronica, robots, video and programmed software with which he creates a series of robots, installations, videos and live performances. He manages to exploit a series of complex technical actions and animate everyday gadgets to playful and humorous effect.

De Spreekselen Reeks (DSR) is a series of readings initiated by Extrapool (Nijmegen), in cooperation with 'yourspace (Eindhoven) and DE PLAYER.
The readings are dynamic, playful, imaginary, theatrical, intelligent of course and informative, but also discursive and preferably based on a personal (scientific/cultural) investigation.

Meeting with Rietveld students and Jan Konings to do fieldwork in the Afrikaanderwijk and present their research goals as far as they defined them so far. A practical, informational and educational meeting. From here on several case studies will be part of afdeling Openbaar Geluid.


This intense installation can be visited after making an appointment by calling +31(0)107370472

For the project FLORIDA initiated by TENT't Gemaal, DE PLAYER is invited to do a showcase of their activities. We will present our releases as well as two events. One of them is a 'work in progress' project in our 8-INCH series with the american strangle-B-rock band FAT WORM OF ERROR

Nieuwe kunstenaarsinitiatieven op Zuid;
DE PLAYER, ADA, Sensational Mix, NAC

in cooperation with DNK, DE PLAYER
presents an exquise showcase of this Amsterdam based collective

The program so far:



Gert-jan Prins - electronics, mixer

Koen Nutters - upright bass and objects

Raed Yassin - upright bass and objects

Andre Avelas - Food and cooking equipment

Drie performance-avonden over het gesproken woord in verschillende kunstdisciplines, samengesteld door Toine Horvers, Samuel Vriezen, Dante Boon en Cora Schmeiser. Een viering van de orale traditie in de kunsten waar de stemmen van dichters, beeldend kunstenaars, musici, dansers, acteurs en vertellers elkaar ontmoeten.

' a physical event by abstra-esthetic-inversion '


SCOTT FOUST (us) shows his film HERE'S TO LOVE

-A two and a half hour journey into outer (=inner) space.

Hilary Jeffery - trombone and tromboscillator
Chris Long - accordion and electronics
Anne Wellmer - analogue synths

Joey and Matthijs know eachother since kindergarten and made horrormovies together in their teens. Now they team up again after educating themselves in music, art and psychology....

opening up your house and hart to your new (art)neighbours from the (WESGRAM)block, showing them your bedroom, kitchen or studio, your work, cat or carpet.

The 4th of may!!

from 17.00 till 00.00 hours


from 17.00 till 21.30 we will do a tour around the block, visiting everybodies


Barbara is now working on the project PHASE PORTRAIT,
a workshop and performance for multiple players interacting with objects both amplified and acoustic workshopped developed and performed in a site specific location.

Roderik and Jorge have planned a full evening of music and visuals:


ERECTRO (nl), COOLHAVEN (nl) concerts

Jantine Wijnja (nl), Didi de Paris (be) readings

Hans Scheirl (at), Marie Losier (fr), Kimberly Clark (nl) film/vids

Arno Coenen (nl) beer, Danielle Lemaire (nl) drawings

Special Event: Performance program & party
in cooperation with Witte de With (centre for contemporary arts)
as part of Rotterdam Dialogues

Sub Urban & DE PLAYER present:


Drie performance-avonden over het gesproken woord in verschillende kunstdisciplines, samengesteld door Toine Horvers, Samuel Vriezen en Dante Boon.
Een viering van de orale traditie in de kunsten waar de stemmen van dichters, beeldend kunstenaars, musici, dansers, acteurs en vertellers elkaar...


book/CD/DVD release of COM.POST 2008

+ new years toast

+ new location DE PLAYER '5'

'Radical Computer Music and the War on the Scandinavian Education System'

Hi, it's the Goodiepal here!

a special night suddenly brought in in our IRREGULAR seriesby

Goodiepal - Electronics, etc.
Anders J&oslash;rgen Mogensen - Vocals
Andreas Hauer-Jensen - Drums

Sub Urban & DE PLAYER present:


De Spreeksel Reeksen (DSR) is a series of readings initiated by Extrapool (Nijmegen), in cooperation with 'yourspace (Eindhoven) and DE PLAYER. The readings are dynamic, playful, imaginary, theatrical, intelligent of course and informative, but also discursive and preferably based on a personal (scientific/cultural) investigation.


Weer een lekkere duitsgegronde avond waar de betere electronische pop weer hoogtij viert. Werd al eerder de beurt gegeven aan DIE TUEREN nu is Hamburg en Zurich aan de beurt. QOUTE: 'Pop ist ein grundsatzliches Segment, in dem sozusagen der Kapitaismus ganz selten (aber dann mit grosser Freude) mit den eigenen Waffen geschlagen werden kann'.

10:00-16:00 Rommelmarkt 11:00-14:00 Ontbijt + ZEEMANSLIEDEREN door 'De Rotte Herders'

13:00-14:00 PLAYER'S CONCERTO #5: 'LYSN', orchestra lead by Hilary Jeffery

16:00-16:30 MAJORETTES Waar zijn ze gebleven? De Bredaase majorette-groep &#39;Expression&#39; gooit de stokken hoog.


CD-presentatie van: PASCAL PLANTINGA in goed gezelschap van Kurt .Pyrolator.Dahlke (ATA TAK) en Saskia von Klitzing (Fehlfarben, FM Einheit) EXTRA: DVD presentatie van het ATATAK-label

INHOUD (vanuit) : - Bijzonder geafflactueerd.. (Benno de Waal, Quiz)

In "NLD...deel 1 Balance" wisselen emoties elkaar af in kunstmatige of juist levendige vorm. Door het in gang zetten van bewegingen of de juist niet bewegingen versmelten tekst, mime, theater, film en live-video tot 1 beeld. Balance heeft een sterk live effect door de interactie tussen real-time computer animatie die in gang gezet wordt door lichamelijke beweging.

Oldtimmer mirror of laugh with highly modern strokes


10:00-16:00 Portrettekenaar

10:00-16:00 Rommelmarkt

11:00-13:00 Exotisch ontbijt Shakes van Bob

13:00-14:00 Africaanse verhalen Kinderverteltheater met afrikaanse verhalen over het probleem van hyena. Door John & Sammy

14:00-16:00 Vazendraaien met Mr. Rolf

18:00-22:00 Hot or Not. Hot or Not. food in Bombay-box met live tablaboy, DJ/VJ, spices en meer door


10:00-16:00 Rommelmarkt 11:00-13:00 Malika verzorgt het ontbijt
13:00-14:00 Flessendraaien/vazen Samen met Rolf Engelen maken we van gebruikte potten en flessen nieuwe vazen. Breng flessen en potjes mee! OP zondag vanaf 13u.

13:00-22:00 Fotoworkshop(bus) Voornamelijk buurtbewoners kunnen hun negatieven meeebrengen. Deze worden omgetoverd door profesionele fotografen met amateur-ambities. Live laten drukken!


"Gentle Songs" Kaoru Iwamura (forte piano) en Eri Takahashi (sopraan) spelen Haydn & Mozart. o.a. &#39;The Mermaid Song, Als Louise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabere verbrannte, Das Veilichen.
Voor & achteraf: Tempura Experimental (heerlijke hapjes) deur open om 19.00 uur,

Met: COSTES: .MY DEATHCAMP. Een pittig stukje multitheater uit Frankrijk. Brie zoals ie ruiken moet. Vers uit de wirwar der naturalisatieprocessen. Romig en alert. De tong roerend.

Santee! Meer info t.z.t. 

Modeshow plus "clit expo" & Electropunk! Contact website(s):

museumnacht afterparty met: TRANSFORMERDIROBOTOR (GER) + ARNO COENEN (NL) SO SCHMECKT es in BERLIN TRANSFORMERDIROBOTOR (GER) Electronisch duo. Met zowel zoetgevoicede popalike singsong maar evengoed de rasp erover met zware gitaarsamplitudoos tot breierij. over de heren werd in de blaadjes reeds het volgende geschreven: ? ?

TEATRO ALLA MODA: Vier virtuoze muzikanten uit Macedonie, Rusland, Israel en Argentinie gaan op avontuur binnen de barokmuziek.

DE RAW FISH BOYS hebben een keer eerder een geweldig optreden verzorgt in de Player tijdens de Smoke-Inn op 1 mei. Helaas hebben we die middag geen enkele gast mogen ontvangen wegens extreem goed weer. Daarom willen we deze jongens nog een keer vragen.. EN NU ALLEMAAL KOMEN!

Solo&#39;s van Bach en Telemann door Georgia Brown (traverso), Sara Decorso (barokviool) en Nina Hitz (cello). inclusief oesters en een glas (koren)wijn!

deel 1: &#39;&#39;15.000.000 parachutes&#39;&#39; van Sebastian Diaz Morales. Deze film kan gezien worden als een soort eigenzinnige documentaire, een metropolitisch essay. deel 2: video&#39;&#39;s samengesteld door RUANGRUPA.

PERSBERICHT! (tevens uitnodiging)

Kunstenaar Bibo presenteert het 2de doek op de loodswand van C. Steinweg Handelsveem B.V. aan de
Veerlaan op Katendrecht tegenover het Deliplein. Op 17 december 2005 om 17.00 uur wordt deze tweede
mega-fotocollage "WERELDPRODUCTENKAART verstuwd / opgeslagen sinds 1847" officieel

Met , eGOODIEPAL, Jan vd Dobbelsteen, TOKTEK, expo van Maarten Jansen en meer. (tzt bekend) Een meer installationele benadering van geluid dan dat het zonodig weer een concertuele benadering moet zijn. Eigenzinnige vorsers en eeuwenoude traditionelen bij elkaar gezet.

"Sound and Image" - o.a. Charles Atlas/video's uit Oostenrijk

Film: Films van Michael Snow: "WVLT Corpus Callossum". Michael Snow is bekend als beeldend kunstenaar, muzikant en filmmaker. Zowel voor het meest eenvoudige en het meest ingewikkelde ben je bij hem aan het huiste adres.

Silent Movements Intercity

 Contact website(s):
10 videoprojecties in outerspace op de KAAP

met live-acts: o.a.
DJ Jason Coburn (UK/NL)
VJ G-pilot (UK)

videohonk in PLAINBAR met div. film- en videoprogramma's

Sasha Zamler-Carhart: Een 8 man sterk ensemble speelt nieuw gecomponeerde middeleeuwse muziek. Neem je houten nap mee en schuif vooraf aan bij het gezamelijk ronde tafel diner.!

Carco Cult Event.

Het bekende festival van WORM waar allerlei het daglicht wordt gegund wordt ditmaal door DE PLAYER en STDSPS een veilige haven gegund op het Deliplein. In DE PLAYER, DE ZONDVLOED, PLAINBAR, 3C6 en DE KANTINE zal het scala aan artisticiteit passeren.

zomercamp II: Mix R&Tattoo de dag erna

Zomercamp II: Mix R&Tattoo

Opening doek steinwegwand






Exhibition Plat

21:00-03:00 De Player Muziek, Eten
Plain Bar/3c6 Film
Videos in de Boot-Leg Cinema.
21:00-03:00 CHINA.
Next Door Fotografie, Exposities
Leunis Verlinde. Photo Exposition: CHINA.
21:00-03:00 Bas Peperkoorn (NL)
Etno-Etalage Exposities, Sculptuur

21:00 - 03:00 IWAN in de De Player
IWAN - a traditional setting with saxophone, drums, recital and ukellille from Zeeland

21:00 - 03:00 Fred Oamen in de De Player
Rastaman from Utrecht plays organ and sings alltogether 21:00 - 03:00 Freek Lomme De Player
Signalled on several podia, starring tonight he brings his abstract expressions to this threate...

Ninas klassieke concert ter oefening voor haar exaam in de haagse conservatorium.
Een concert met chello, pianno en stem.

Turkisch Delight: Ispanak, Su Böyregi, Baklava nog veel meer. Met zorg bereidt door Jan Türk.

14:00-18:00 Bijzondere tekeningen op bijzondere lokaties
Deze week: UW HOND maakt er een buitengewoon rommeltje van. Chris Baaten - Gilbert van Drunen- Lies Klaus.

11:00 - 14:00 Spannende Spaanse Specialiteiten van Santi en Elly.

14:00 - 18:00 Bijzondere tekeningen in 3c6 , Steimweg Rotterdam
Deze week: _ Cuppens en Baumann borduren voort. _Miek Hoekzema presenteert eigen werk (locatie Veerlaan 9).
Organised by: Stichting Zet
15:00 - 17:00 De Superster van Katendrecht. In de De Player

Het Strugatzki-Quartet (Claudia Valenzuela(E)/Mira Ursic/Laura Valenzuela (E)/Nina Hitz (CH)) speelt muziek van Alexander Borodin (1833-1887) en Dimitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)

 MENINGTRAINING EVENT (saying tata) luisteren, visualiseren, formuleren, articuleren, actualiseren, wijzigen en penetreren, arceren, afvlakken, dupliceren, vereren, omkeren, samenzweren en drogeren en het niet meer weten. (meer werkwoorden ook welkom) Zoals initieren, articuleren, visualiseren, pipetteren, rangeren, verteren, manouvreren, stofferen, fineren, etc.

totaal niks

Theater op het plein.

Chic-a-go Gooo

Music Baroque Francaise: Delphine Leroy (flute traversiere baroque), Solene Riot (flute a bec), Marjolaine Cambon (Viole de Gambe) en Claudio Ribeiro (Clavecin) Recorder en Traverso met Basso Continuo.

Live is not Dead

Stromboli #8 + Codarts ne WdKA.

Instant Music plus Rorchach.

Electric hairball.

Harpen op het plein: Phons Bakx bespeelt samen met Izz van Elk de mondharp. Radiomaker en onderzoeker Phons Bakx geld als een autoriteit op het gebied van de mondharp, gewgaw, maultrommel, jew's harp. Zij brengen eigen composities ten gehore. Het duo Bilitis (Eva Tebbe en Ekatharina Levental) spelen op grote harp, "Le jardin feï", met werk van Debussy, Ravel en anderen.

Een brute avond

Stromboli #7.

Paul Pleijsier speelt muziek van Ferndinand Sor (1778-1839), Giulio Regondi (1822-1872) en anderen op zijn Lacote-gitaar. De enige gitarist ter wereld die zonder nagels op darnsnaren en zijdebassen speelt. Zoals de grote Sor het ook deed in zijn tijd. Voorafje: Nina Hitz en Wiebke Roterberg spelen muziek voor twee celli van De Selma, Gabrielli & Boismoitier.

Stromboli #6.

Instant music.


De Bezetting Speelt is een jong Rotterdams ensemble dat kamermuziek brengt in de breedste zin van het woord.

Alweer de laatste Classico van het jaar, en we gaan er uit met een knal.

Het EAR MASSAGE QUARTET gaat ons de oren wassen met een portie hedendaagse percussie, en daar zijn geen oordopjes voor nodig!

Ear Massage Percussion Quartet:

Belief in Believing

Özlem Altin, Ruth Buchanan and Bravo warmly invite you to the inaugural Movement Movement moment.
Let me be more specific; I'm the model, you're the mythic
An installation celebrating receiving ideas with black and white cocktails, coffee fountain and cake, sculptural meals, and a favourite Kino.

LYSN/Installation 2::
Een doorlopende, twee uur durende performance van uitgerekte &#39;drone

VIDEOHOMETRAINING [NL] - Live gespeeld geluids- en video concert, gebaseerd op klassieke oldskool computergames, popliedjes en pulpfenomenen. FOKUDA [N] - one-man electronica act.


CD opnamen en Hoesvervaardiging.

Lieve mede-mensen,
de derde editie van Café de K staat in het teken van 'The Hitmachine goes de Fabriek'.


Open 18:00 uur.
Jay van Buren geeft een presentatie van schilderijen die hij heeft gemaakt tijdens zijn verblijf in het gast atelier STUDIO DSPS.

In het kader van het kunstproject Deli-light - - dat gaat over licht op het schiereiland Katendrecht, doe ik een beeldend onderzoek waarbij ik me consentreer op de beweging van het natuurlijke licht in relatie tot die van het kunstlicht zoals dat op Katendrecht waar te nemen is.

Dinsdag 31 october 07.03 - 08.03 en 16.46 - 17.46

Fifi hengsten alias "de-alsof-jij-zo-leuk-band" is een Nederretro trio.


Het internationaal samengestelde, maar in Amsterdam gevestigde Zephyr Kwartet is één van de beste en veelzijdigste strijkkwartetten, die Nederland rijk is, en zeker het meest vooruitstrevende: het naoorlogse nieuwe muziekrepertoire is bij dit kwartet in goede handen, maar zeker ook de jongste ontwikkelingen in binnen- en buitenland.


3 Augu

Zondagavond 29 april a.s neemt de eerste onofficiële, en dus extra-experimentele COM.POST [post-gecomponeerd] een aanvang.

En wat heb dat dan allemaal te betekenen vraagt u zich af...


*Photo Installation by
Jan Adriaans,özlem Altin, Denise Collignon, Marloes van Doorn, Annika Hauke, Alex Jacobs, Job Janssen, Ward Janssen, Babette Kleijn, Anouk Kruithof, Jeroen Kuster, Awoiska van der Molen, Adriaan van de Ploeg, Rop van der Laar, Lorelinde Verhees
*Screenings of films by Paulien Oltheten and Jonas Mekas

(see for english below)

Presenteren wij vanavond met gepaste trots:

het allerlaatste muziekblad voor mannen

Voorlopig dan toch echt de laatste Classico.. Het was een succesvolle en warme kennismaking met het klassiek en gecomponeerde onderdeel in het brede scala van muziekuitingen:
We hoorden en zagen een PIANO FORTE in het echt terwijl we net daarvoor nog aan een experimentele tempura knaagden.

ERGO PHIZMIZ: Een jongeheer die z&#39;n sporen al ruimschoots verdiende door vele uurtjes radio op zeer aangename wijze te vervullen.

Hij komt naar BRAVO! toe om daar die dag in een met div. electronica en digita uitgerustte ruimte met z&#39;n allen aan een radioshow te werken.
Het is dus workshoppen en producen.

Kosten per deelnemer...

muziek van DJ's wANNES, kP, fRANK EN hEIN..



Dit kwartet werd opgericht in 2006 met de bedoeling klassieke muziek op historische instrumenten te spelen. Na een succesvol debuut in augustus in Berlijn namen ze deel aan The Mannheim Chamber Festival Competition alwaar ze niet alleen de eerste prijs in de wacht sleepten, maar ook nog eens de publieksprijs en de mediaprijs!.

LET OP NIEUWE LOKATIE: TOLHUISLAAN 193 presentatie van fotografisch werk, een film vertoning en veel muziek. Maaltijd uit de KITCHINETTE

Dinsdag 24 october 07.50 - 08.50 en 17.58 &ndash; 18.58

Raaf Hekkema is een virtuoze saxofonist met een avontuurlijke geest.

Muziek uit de 20e eeuw: van duo via trio naar kwartet en van Hongarije via Tjechie naar Rusland. De Bezetting Speelt is een jong Rotterdams ensemble dat kamermuziek brengt in de breedste zin van het woord. Caroline Wagner: viool Tinka Regter: viool Monique van Zelst: altviool Anjali Tanna: cello.


We hebben niet vaak een muziekje met een zogeheten conventionele line-up, maar dit is toch wel even smullen en fits perfect. Ze stomen op in de vaart der volkeren, leverden al een goed debuutalbum af en zijn live totaal explosief.

28 mei 2006

&#39;Songs the animals taught us&#39;


OFFICIELE RELEASE PARTY ter gelegenheid van het nieuwe album van Melted Men

Een vlammend einde van de serie: de cellist Jaap ter Linden behoort tot de smaakmakers van de huidige europese barokmuziek!

programma: L. Boccerini, G. Gabrielli, A. Vivaldi & J. S. Bach. Gastronomie: Hottie Sambal (

Kijk voor meer informatie op de site van

Wie wil er alleen of samen met je familie, vrienden, klasgenoten, huisdier, sport- en/of kaartclub, collega's, buren, etc. op 'n spectaculaire manier vereeuwigd worden?
Geef je dan nu op voor een bezoekje aan DE LUMASOLATOR!
Hiermee maak je binnen 10 minuten 'n spetterdend licht-graffiti kunstwerk van jezelf!

22 juli 2006



In het weekend van 29 t/m 1 oktober gaan de eerste lichten de lucht in!

Ingredi&euml;nten: o.a. vuur, autolampen, weerballonnen, zaklampen, accu&rsquo;s, helium en een goed humeur.

Lokatie: de punt van Katendrecht, nabij het water

Tijd: vanaf 20 uur &rsquo;s avonds


Besides his incredibly large discography produced as a solo artist over the past twenty years, Harald Sack Ziegler has released three critically- acclaimed albums with F.S. Blumm as Sack & Blumm, and continuously collaborated with Mouse On Mars, both live and in the studio.


Duo Ahlert & Schwab
Daniel Ahlert : mandoline, barok-mandoline
Birgit Schwab: Gitaar, Luit

Dinsdag 17 october 07.30 - 08.45 en 18.00 - 19.15

Late Night Performance Event

Xiao He (CN) / COM.POST #17

A Debate /// Who's Afraid of Modern Opera
the role of new media and modern technology in music theatre
and the use of the analogue and virtual voice in performance.

Alex Nowitz (DE) / COM.POST #18
Hocus Pocusan electroperadical solo for voice and gesture controlled live-electronics

Xiao He (CN) / COM.POST #17

DE PLAYER presents 'Pull Out By The Roots'CBK Rotterdam invited DE PLAYER to program for their participation in the Motel Mozaique festival. We will do a treesome at saturday afternoon entitled 'Pull Out By The Roots.

illusions / fashion show / horns / paperdolls



1.'Department of Public Sound: THE COMMUNAL CONDITION'

presentation of our LATEST magazine (vinyl included!)

more and more DE PLAYER presents their releases in exhibitions, co curates live programs and shits on other doormats. So we're getting puffy and we will comunicate this in our agenda as OUTSIDE. Of course the shows in DE PLAYER itself we call INSIDE.
I CAN'T I CAN I CAREProduction, presentation and distribution

De Vleeshal Middelburg invited some artists who have their own practise and at the same time are involved in a stage/p

Fernstein from Iceland will come and bring us a clear bold construction of tones and notes in space.They sound like a completely crushed partiture which comes out in it's pure elements just ordered in a way you are not so used to listen to.Good practise for the ears.The location we will communicate beginning of october.
DE PLAYER joinsPA/PER VIEW art book fair @ONOMATOPEEOpening drinks 18:00 to 21:00, Friday the 28thOpen from 12:00 tot 18:00, Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30thWe will join this meeting with our catalogue. We will present there a special catalogue edition including a gold foil flex disc in a edition of 30 pieces.

DE PLAYER presents in cooperation with Les Ateliers Claus and WIELS:

Mixed eclectic program with nerds and animals for the free religionistic neo pragmatics with:

In 1988 theSwedish artists Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred formed the duo Guds Söner (The Sonsof God). The duo excels in creating long, puzzling stage performances that giveequal roles to physical action (or inaction) and soundtrack (live or taped)with themes such as violence, love, the quotidian, food and royalty.

in cooperation with ART Rotterdam

with Goodiepal (dk), Erik van Lieshout (nl),
DDV/Danny Devos (be), Mark Bain (us/nl)

Alex Nowitz (DE) / COM.POST #18

Scriptreading, concert & performances in coöperation with the International Film Festival Rotterdam XL

Peter Fengler is your artistic director of DE PLAYER but besides that he does his own stuff as Ultra Hobby Complex or Chocoman in his soloworks and he's a member of cult-I-media chroupe Coolhaven.

A beautiful and solid release of two, single-sided, 12” vinyl discs including work by Matt Hulse’s Audible Picture Show project. The darkened cinema audio pieces are by John Parry, Mr. Clay, Zoë Irvine, Danielle Simpson, Matt Hulse, Joost van Veen, Phil Newcombe, Christine Olejniczak, Peter Fengler and Helena Gough.

Hilary has performed regularly in DE PLAYER. In various settings he climbed with his trombone on stage.

As a 2nd guest in the COM.POST 2008 serie, Eugène Marcelissen composed a piece called Man & dolphin / Mens & dolfijn for voice (Nicole Fiselier) and flexatone (Luuk van Rossum) after a poem by Hans Faverey.


In january 2008 we invited our first guest for the COM.POST program. Peter Szely was working in DE PLAYER on his soundpiece about Rotterdam as a city of migration, about leaving and arriving. The field recordings of four walks or boattrips in the different wind-directions had served as a frame for his 8 channel soundpiece.

For this new series we start with a compilation of articles and works on Sound in Public space regarding Communal Conditions.
10" is by Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen with Music and Elocution part 1 and 2.
In the booklet contributions by Marc Schuilenburg, Bart Plantenga, Justin Bennet, Melle Smets, Paul Granjon, Anja Kaufmann.

- geen info -

Mixed eclectic program with nerds and animals for the free religionistic neo pragmatics
with: Herb Diamante (gb), Tomate van Monte (ve), Jeroen Diepenmaat (nl), Snorri Asmundsson (is), Craig Ward (gb) + Radboud Mens (nl)

 little cut and paste from eddie woods' website:

autarchic installational and abstract music project, intensely physical, rushing between the boundaries of improv and composition.

A lot of stories are being told about Goodiepal (aka Gaeoudjiparl aka Parl aka Gaeoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen), it seems he lives a mythical life. He is a Danish hacker from the Farao Islands where he still lives and works as well as in London, in Copenhagen, in etc..etc. He used to be THE sound-designer of big corporates like Nokia and Carlsberg.

Some Historical content