16 Dec
20:00 hrs.


For our last event in 2016 we serve a diversity on angles as a prelude for our Radikaal Luisteren project for 2017-2018.



NZZN 2016 was a good one!!!

Thanks everybody for visiting our NZZN festival this year. We could say it was a good succes. The 2016 version was a inter lude experiment for check & develop. The program was challenging and diverse and reached a broader audience then our firts version in 2015. So we gonna prepare for 2017 and 2018 to make NZZN a substantial part of our daily lives.....
    GO HERE FOR PRESALE>>>Check for all information also 
    We are happy to announce that our SESD boxset with records with integrated electronics in a joint project with Gijs Gieskes, Dennis de Bel, Gert-Jan Prins and Tom Verbruggen is now part of the collection of the...
    The show is still to be seen till 24 July at opening hours of MUHKA. 4 new editions as one sculpture. The situation changed radically because of hot temperatures...
    From 10-19 June 2016 there will be Charlois Special with lots of art, concerts, theatre at the Southborder. The emphasis will be on art in relation with local cultures in Charlois as an active international melting...

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