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R.I.P. Wim Langenhoff (1943-2018)

Wim Langenhoff (aka Oscar Nuevo Electrico) was once doing a reading in our program Spreekselreeksen (i.c.w. Extrapool). Topic: Eindhoven its cultural archeology. Making some clear statements against the populistic appraoch and marketering of the arts. Wim was part of the New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble and active in the IBW (Insitute for Affordable Insanity) in Eindhoven. Besides that he was chemist, inventor, artist and board member of Philips and above all a very human and inspiring person. It was a pleasure to have him in our club. Stength to his family and friends all close to him and r.i.p. Wim.
    Just to make you aware that summer comes fast. For the hooligans our Gardena festival will be held at 7 July. So far we already have booked VA AA LR, Carl Stone, Madhav Aggarwal, Ash Killmartin and more...
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    Today the sad news arrived us that Arf Arf member Frank Lovece died last night. The photo shows him next to his wife Marisa Stirpe in the Wall Gallery when they joined our program in the BRAUBLFF series. Briljant...
    We are very proud to say that DE PLAYER's headchief and slave Peter Fengler won the MK Award 2017 at Tent Rotterdam last night. In a full house he received on 1 December the trophy from the chairman Reyn...

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