Wed to Sat
9 Oct to 12 Oct
13:43 hrs.


CLHVN 20 Years - Stromboli festivity

20 years ago, Lukas Simonis, Peter Fengler and Hajo Doorn started COOLHAVEN (CLHVN), a multilateral performance collective.



new great content for our after summer start

We start the new season with 2 remarkable records by BJ Nilsen and John Duncan. Soon also #PLZ, RESCHYKLI$CCH... by Karl Holmqvist will be presented. The Black Moon record by John Duncan will also be released as a special editions. This one will come later this year and is a package with the record plus a customised radio receiver, signed and numbered.
    With spiritual mountain psycho Frank Hurricane we have completed our line up for GARDENA FEST V. It is an honour to have all these artists for our first jubilee. And it will be for us and the artists an honour to...
    We are delighted to let you know that our project )HRHED( is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.We will work for 2 years on projects with Caz Egelie, ITU (Anni Puolakka & Miša Skalskis), MSHR (Birch...
    DE PLAYER will participate with its releases at the Melbourne Art Book Fair which takes place in The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). From 15-17 March our overseas ambassadors will take care of a package of well...
    How does sound art relates itself with the printed, graphic, copied image. For the festival There is a storm, copy that, Peter Fengler will do a reading on this topic from the perspective of DE PLAYER as a...

Some Historical content