Hilary Jeffery


Hilary has performed regularly in DE PLAYER. In various settings he climbed with his trombone on stage.

First encounter was a impressive visit to 'the old' DE PLAYER during a nightclub event in 2004, curated by a Amsterdam based artis duo called 'Koalashooting'. Hilary played along on his trombone with the intense cartoons and 16mm animated films by Martha Colburn. In september 2005, he invited his ensemble 'LYSN' and played an incredible set of work composed by Jeffery himself. These compositions triggered us to include him in the new COM.POST project. On this night he guided the audience on a two and a half hour journey into outer (=inner) space.






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Massive archival production culled from the 2008 COM.POST series in which we...
'KATENDRECHT - SPACEPOORT' -A two and a half hour journey into outer (=inner)...
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10:00-16:00 Rommelmarkt 11:00-14:00 Ontbijt + ZEEMANSLIEDEREN door 'De Rotte...

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